On the Road with Bill Griffin

Bill Griffin travels often and likes to record those travels on video. Below you will find videos he has made throughout his travels. Some he is being interviewed, others, he is doing the interviewing. Most are simply tours of cleaning industry tradeshows he attended.

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The most efficient, ergonomic multipurpose janitorial cart. QuicKLEEN® is a true multipurpose, multi-mode cleaning platform, This innovative solution allows personnel to dry mop, broom and vacuum large areas; collect trash; distribute cleaning supplies; or carry a mop and bucket. QuicKLEEN's unique design and features allows these tasks to be completed with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

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Carpet Dying Tutorial Seattle, WA - May 2011

Bill Griffin works with Dustin Kealing to show the process of dying bleach spots out of a carpet.

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ICM Measuring Device Training Seattle, WA - November 2009

Bill Griffin's MD Training Session at the University of Washington.

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