For over 25 years Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc. has provided small business owners, schools, hospitals, manufacturers, institutions, and contract cleaners with information, publications and consulting services related to cleaning and business management.

In an effort to meet the growing demand for our services in the United States and Internationally, we have begun a licensing program to provide qualified professionals with an opportunity to become an Associate Consultant in their local area.

We do not provide cleaning services. Our sole purpose is to provide support services to those who own, manage, and/or supervise cleaning operations.

Our consultants generate income by providing one or more of the following support services.

Software Support Bureau

A major component of our licensing program is software. New programs enable our consultants to market themselves not only as experts on cleaning, but as professionals who can provide computerized support services for cleaning departments and companies more economically than can be done in-house. Our customized software allows you to

  • Quality assurance inspections
  • Inventory management
  • Workloading and staffing
  • Cost analysis
  • Personnel records maintenance
  • Budget analysis
  • Project and floor care scheduling
  • Estimating and bidding

Having factual information readily available allows a manager, supervisor, or owner to make informed decisions. Businesses use our service bureau because it allows them to have the benefits of computerization without the cost of staffing, training, software or hardware purchases. And if they decide to purchase the software later, their information is already entered and up-to-date.

Books, Videos, Software, Sales

All the publications, software, and video tapes listed in this catalogue may be sold by our local licensee and purchased from us at a discount. To increase sales, we suggest placing display racks at local rental, hardware, and janitorial supply stores to allow those interested in cleaning and self-employment easy access to our products.

Cleaning Business Magazine and Local Directory

A local licensee is entitled to dis-tribute and sell subscriptions and advertising for Cleaning Business Magazine, our trade industry publication. We also encourage you to work with us to develop a directory of cleaning related resources in your local com-munity. The directory identifies businesses providing services such as: janitorial, carpet and upholstery cleaning, fire restoration, insurance, supplies, equipment, training, and other related services. Advertising and enhanced listings can be sold to local contractors, manufacturers and suppliers. Over a period of time each local directory can develop into an independent publication that would be sold and distributed in your area. Until that time, it would be included as a center insert in each copy of Cleaning Business Magazine mailed to your area. Licensees receive a commission on all subscriptions and advertising sold.

Temporary Employment

Considering the staffing crisis the cleaning industry faces, a temporary employment agency can be a valu-able and profitable service. After screening and training prospective employees, they would be referred to temporary assignments with local employers. For your services, you would expect to earn $2.00 to $5.00 an hour for every hour a referred worker is on the job. We expect the need for this service to grow considerably in the future and it ties in nicely with many of the other services a licensee can provide.

Vocational Schools

Operating a vocational training program, either privately or in cooperation with a high school, community college or university is another possibility. This provides exposure, income and a place to share knowledge, as well as an opportunity to promote your services and students to the local cleaning industry. Many of the books we offer are ideal training materials for such programs.

Seminars and Workshops

We expect each consultant to co-sponsor cleaning seminars in their area, at least once a year. Mr. Griffin is available to visit your area to con-duct seminars at a reduced rate and is willing to share the platform with you. A wide variety of seminar topics of interest to cleaning professionals are available to choose from. Cleaning Consultants will provide national advertising, speakers, training materials, and certification for all co-sponsored seminars. To increase attendance, seminars can be sponsored in cooperation with local associations, manufacturers, supplies, schools and agencies.

Certified Inspections

With specialized training and certification, a licensee can provide inspection services for carpet mills, fiber producers, retailers, consumers and others. This is a rapidly growing market due to the increasing number of claims being received regarding carpeting, rugs, resilient flooring and upholstery. These claims specifically relate to fiber, manufacture, cleaning, installation and wear.

Your inspection service can be expanded to include hard and resilient floors, draperies, upholstery, wall coverings, odor, building maintenance and cleaning.

Consulting Services

As a cleaning consultant, your goal is to provide services to established clients who pay you an hourly fee or monthly retainer. Our con-sulting rates range from a low of $30 to a high of $150 per hour depending on the services we provide and who we are assisting. Some support services, such as data entry, are charged at a lower hourly rate.

Common services provided include housekeeping audits, writing contracts and specifications, expert testimony, training materials development and con-ducting classes for supervisors, managers and em-ployees. Any situation you are not comfortable handling, we are here to help you with via the phone, or on-site if necessary.

Small Business Consultant

With our materials and marketing guidance, you can establish yourself as a local authority on starting and operating cleaning related businesses. The classified ads in most communities list cleaning business opportunities costing several thousand dollars. For several hundred dollars, you can help any hard working individual start and operate his or her own successful cleaning business. Specialties can include any of the following: carpet and upholstery cleaning, window washing, housecleaning, office cleaning, pressure washing, fire, odor and water damage restoration, blind and drapery cleaning, and ceiling cleaning, to list only the most common.

Small business services alone can generate several hundred dollars a week in most metropolitan areas once you establish yourself as a local authority and resource. We believe our licensing agreement provides you with an excellent opportunity to expand your income and operate your own full or part time consulting business in your area.

Our licensing fee is simple and straightforward, $2,500.00 down and a $60.00 per month fee as long as you maintain a business license, Yellow Pages ad or offer a cleaning related consulting service.

You are also required to co-sponsor at least one seminar tour with Mr. Griffin in your area each year, and actively promote and use our books and publications.

We will do our best to help you expand your income and succeed as a Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc. licensee. We will provide copy for your advertising program and brochures. Although you have to do the legwork and invest both time and money, we will guide you through the entire process.

Like any business opportunity, there are risks involved and there are no guarantees. However, in our opinion, an excellent income generating opportunity exists for those who know the cleaning industry, are hard-working, and have confidence in their ability to promote themselves to local businesses and individuals.

For more information, or to reserve your geographic location, contact William Griffin at 206-849-0179.