William R. Griffin has over 35 years experience in the Cleaning Industry. If you are starting your own business, have questions about an existing business, or just need some advice, you should talk to him. Mr. Griffin has consulted with large and small business, schools, hospitals, sports stadiums and many other organizations to numerous to list. From basic questions, to in-depth analysis, Mr. Griffin has done it all. Listed below are some of the ways that Mr. Griffin makes himself available. If none of the methods below fit your needs, give Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc. a call and I'm sure we can come up with something to fit your needs.

Telephone Consultations (top)

When you have a problem, need information, or would like the input and advice of an independent, third-party professional regarding any cleaning related subject or business matter, you can call Mr. Griffin.
Telephone: 206-849-0179

The Process is simple. Give us a call and tell the staff person that answers the phone that you would like a phone consultation with Mr. Griffin. We will ask for your name, address, phone number and a credit card. We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.(if you don't have a credit card give us a call anyway we can usually work something out.)(Call for Pricing) Once we have taken down your information we will simply transfer you to Mr. Griffin and you will be talking to the expert. There is no cost until you are actually speaking with Mr. Griffin. He will keep track of the time and when you have had all your questions answered, Mr. Griffin will let you know how much time you have spent on the phone with him. It also helps if you prepare ahead of time. If you want to, you can fax or email Mr. Griffin a list of Questions or Talking Points ahead of time, that way he already knows what you want to talk about when you call.

Our fees are minor compared to the costs associated with wasted labor, lost opportunities, damage, injury, stress and worry. You don't need to go it alone; confidential help tailored to your specific situation is available whenever you want or need it.

With over 35 years experience in business and the cleaning industry, chances are Mr. Griffin has dealt many times with the situation or challenges you face. If not, he knows where to get the answers, whether from our files and databases or from other industry professionals internationally.

If you wish to schedule a phone consultation or if you have questions about our services and how Mr. Griffin may help you, give us a call. Mr. Griffin's references are available on this website.

On-Site Services (top)

Custodial and housekeeping audits and/or consultation services are available virtually or on-site. The length of the project and its purpose depends on your specific needs, budget and Mr. Griffin's availability.

Such services normally relate to improving the management and operation of a cleaning business or department in all types and sizes of facilities and industries.

Our clients include large corporations, small businesses, retailers, manufacturers, property managers, hospitals, hotels, schools and all types of specialized cleaning contractors.

Mr. Griffin is experienced, qualified and available to assist you with any technical and management related situation, subject or problem. Don't hesitate to call Mr. Griffin directly at 206-849-0179 to discuss your specific situation and how he may assist you. Or take a look at his references.

Custodial Audits (top)

Four-hour, eight-hour, three day, and five day custodial housekeeping management audits are available to assist you in improving your current custodial operation or business. During this time, Mr. Griffin will examine your operation, suggest improvements, and prepare a written and oral report outlining where you are, what needs to be or can be done, and how to best accomplish it with the budget you have available. As part of the audit, or separately, while at your location Mr. Griffin is available to provide training classes, seminars or workshops (hands-on and/or classroom format) for your managers, supervisors, production workers, customers and other groups.

  • Mr. Griffin is one of 15 ISSA authorized CIMS assessors.
  • CIMS is a management framework that sets forth the processes, procedures and supporting documents and programs that are universally recognized as the hallmarks of a well-run, customer-focused cleaning organization.

Certified Inspection Services (top)

We provide certified commercial and residential inspection services on a local, regional and national basis. We inspect and provide on-site correction services regarding resilient, LVT, stone and wood floors, carpets and rugs, upholstery, draperies, blinds and wall coverings. We go where the problems are and deal with your most difficult and important claims. A free descriptive brochure is available upon request. Click here to see Mr. Griffin's References or visit to schedule an inspections.

Management Support Services (top)

  • Special projects
  • Marketing and business plans
  • Training programs and materials
  • Research projects
  • TQM programs (development and implementation)
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving
  • Operations audits

If Mr. Griffin is in your area on a tour or other business, you may avoid or share travel costs by scheduling your visit at the same time. (And if you take him fishing he'll probably make you an even better deal.)

Technical Support (top)

  • Scheduling
  • Budget and workload analysis
  • Needs analysis
  • Training programs and materials
  • Cost reduction programs
  • Classes, workshops and seminars
  • Negotiation and arbitration
  • Contract/Specification development
  • Supply and equipment data
  • Architectural/interior design review
  • Quality assurance inspections

Business Services (top)

  • Dispute resolution
  • Business plan development
  • Marketing plans and guidance
  • Technical information
  • Buying or selling a business
  • Start-up assistance and training
  • Proposal development
  • Bidding and getting accounts
  • Problem solving and counseling

You can speak with Mr. Griffin for a small fee, you can have his services at your work site. All services and inquiries are confidential and tailored to meet your specific needs. Call 206-849-0179 for a copy of our Consultation Services Brochure or to speak with Mr. Griffin about your specific situation.