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Floor Care Technician (FCT), IICRC Certification Course

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This Seminar will provide technical information and demonstrations on the proper procedures, chemicals and equipment needed to identify, clean, maintain and restore all common types of floor covering materials. This includes floor coverings used in commercial, health care, food service, industrial and residential properties, as well as specialty applications such as computer rooms, clean rooms and laboratories. Surfaces covered will include: wood, laminate, stone, ceramic, terrazzo, marble, concrete, epoxy, VCT & VAT tile and sheet goods. The seminar will prepare attendees to take the IICRC certification exam, which will be offered at the end of the second day.

Seminar Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Industry and Historical Overview
    2. Prevention
    3. Maintenance
    4. Restoration
    5. Remodeling or Replacement
  2. Review of Floor Types and Materials
    1. Principles of Identification
    2. Appearance; Visual ID and Size
    3. Resilient Floor coverings
    4. Stone Floors
    5. Concrete and Poured Aggregate
    6. Ceramic
    7. Polymeric Poured Floors
    8. Wood (hard and soft)
    9. Laminate and Laminated
    10. Specialty Surfaces
    11. Basic Installation and Adhesives
  3. Slip, Trip and Fall
    1. Facts and Figures
    2. Liability Issues
    3. Prevention and Awareness
  4. Environmental Health and Safety
    1. Facts and Figures
    2. Understanding the Indoor Environment
    3. IAQ & IEQ
    4. Asbestos Awareness
  5. Security
    1. Company Property
    2. Customers
  6. A Review of Basic Floor Care Principles and Procedures
    1. Introduction
    2. Polishing
    3. Spray Buffing
    4. Burnishing
    5. Scrubbing
    6. Stripping
    7. Refinishing, Sealing and Top Coatings
    8. Specialized Procedures
  1. Problem Solving and Trouble Shooting
    1. Other Issues and Conditions that Impact Results
    2. The role of the Certified Inspector
    3. Solving Common Floor Care Problems
  2. Hands on Practice
    1. Floor Covering Identification
    2. Condition and Problem Identification
    3. Test Cleaning
    4. Maintenance Plan Development
  3. Chemicals, Tools and Equipment
    1. How Chemicals Work
    2. Chemical Safety
    3. Common Floor Care Chemicals
    4. Tools
    5. Power Equipment
  4. Industry Resources
    1. Internet
    2. Conventions and Trade Shows
    3. Suppliers and Manufacturers
    4. Public Library
    5. Competitors
    6. Associations
    7. Books, Reports, Videos, CDs
    8. Consultants
    9. Magazines and Newsletters, Articles and Education Listings
    10. Seminars
    11. Certification
    12. Advancement Opportunities

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