Hard Floor Care Article List

Magazine Month Year Article Title
AFC Symposium July 2001 Laminate Floor Maintenance
Contracting Profits March 1996 Operations Log: Floor Care Basics
Maintenance Solutions December 1998 Developing an Effective Floor Care Program
Maintenance Solutions June 2000 RPM Revolution: High Speed Floor Care Technology Comes of Age
Professional Retail Store Maintenance March 2000 How Much Should Floor Care Cost?
School Planning and Management December 1999 What's New in hard Floor Care Equipment, Chemicals and Procedures
The Clean Pro May 2000 Floor Care, Modern Day Techniques
Maintenance Supplies 1997 Surfaces-New Trends in Floor Covering and Cleaning
Cleaning Mangement 1995 Advances in Floor Mat Applications
Rathey Communications December 2000 Floor Care Needs in the Hospitality Industry
School Planning and Management April 1999 Hard and Resilient Floor Care Procedures
High Speed Floor Care Technology
Maintenance Supplies January 1999 Propane Floor Care Equipment - Whats New
Maintenance Supplies February 2000 What's New in Wood Floor Care
Maintenance Supplies March 2000 Wood Floor Care
School Planning and Management October 1998 Tips For Cleaning Floors & Carpets in Schools
Rathey Communications October 2000 Cleaning & Bidding Multi-Building Condominiums
Executive Housekeeping Today December 1998 Tips For Cleaning Floors & Carpets
Maintenance Supplies February 1998 Certified Carpet & Floor Coveing Inspection
Health Facilitiy Management May 2001 Robotic Cleaning Equipment 2001
Maintenance Supplies October 1996 Robotics: The Dawn of a New Era
InClean October 2000 Slipping, Tripping, & Falls in Retail Facilities
Retail Operations & Construction November 2000 Preventing Slips, Trips, & Falls in Retail Facilites
Maintenance Supplies May 1997 Surface Floor Covering Show - What's New