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Wm R. Griffin, President

Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc.

Training/Certification Record-Certified Inspection Services

Subject Sponsor Certificate Location Date
Advanced Resilient/LVT Floor Inspection Sem FCITS Yes Anaheim, CA 10/14-15/19
IICRC AIM IICRC No Las Vegas, NV 9/28/2019
Resilient Floor Care (RFMT) IICRC Yes Las Vegas, NV 9/26-27/19
The Experience Event Tradeshow The Experience Event No Las Vegas, NV 09/18-20/19
Adv Wood, Lam, Bamboo Flooring Insp Sem FCITS Yes Dalton, GA 09/09-11/19
Flooring Insp Symposium The Guild/Shaw Yes Dalton, GA 04/03-05/19
Cleaning Standards Summit IICRC No Las Vegas, NV 03/28-29/19
Forensics Trauma & Cleaning Conf RIA-Restoration Industry Association Yes Cincinati, OH 11/15-16/2018
Color Repair Technician IICRC/Dyers Guild Yes Clackamas, OR 10/24-25/18
IICRC AIM IICRC No Las Vegas, NV 9/28/2018
Tech Conf - Crime & Trauma Cleaning IICRC Yes Las Vegas, NV 09/27-28/18
Health & Safety Tech (HST) IICRC Yes Las Vegas, NV 09/18-19/18
The Experience Event Tradeshow The Experience Event No Las Vegas, NV 09/05-07/18
Wood Touch Up & Repair Mohawk Finishing Yes Portland, OR 04/03-04/18
Community Mgr. Training MHCD Yes Salem, OR 3/12/2018
Certified Surgical Cleaning
Tech Trainer
Amer. Hospital Assoc (AHE) Yes Dallas, TX 02/27-28/18
Laminate Flooring Insp Cert NALFA Yes Las Vegas, NV 2/1/2018
ICE Expo ICE Expo No Las Vegas, NV 2/1/2018
World of Concrete WOC No Las Vegas, NV 01/22-26/18
Indoor Environmental Spec IAQA - Indoor Sciences Yes Irvine, CA 11/14-15/17
Woven Rug Cleaning Tech IICRC Yes Raleigh, NC 11/9-10/17
Carpet Repair Workshop Costa GEP/ICRQ Yes Seattle, WA 10/20/2017
AR/VR Film Festival City of Seattle No Seattle, WA 6/10/2017
NWFA Convention NWFA No Phoenix, AZ 04/11-04/14/17
NWFA Inspector Symposium NWFA Yes Phoenix, AZ 4/11/2017
3D Printing Conference Inside 3D Print No New York City, NY 03/14-03/15/17
IICRC Cert Council 2016 IICRC Yes Las Vegas, NV 10/14-10/16/16
Mohawk Inspector Summit Mohawk Yes Muskogee, OK 11/07-11/08/16
ISSA 2016 Show ISSA No Chicago, IL 10/24-10/28/16
Concrete Polishing & Staining Conference CP&S Yes Milwaukee, WI 10/20-10/22/16
Concrete Polishing Seminar Jon-Don Yes Seattle, WA 10/19-10/20/16
Wood Floor Repair Workshop NWFA Yes Chesterfield, MO 8/25/2016
Realities 360- AR/VR Learning Guild Yes San Jose, CA 6/20/2016
Advanced Course for Wood Floor Inspection Virgina Tech Yes Blacksburg, VA 06/13/16-06/17/16
Wood Floor Maintenance Technician IICRC Yes Toronto, Ontario 06/08-06/09/16
DARPA Robotics Challenge 2015 DARPA No Pomona, CA 06/05-06/07/15
ISSA/Interclean 2016 ISSA No Amsterdam, Holland 05/10-05/13/16
Floor Inspectors Carpet Seminar FIEG Yes Dalton, GA 04/04-04/06/16
MIT Robotics MIT-UW No Seattle, WA 3/30/2016
IICRC Instructor's Symposium 2015 IICRC Yes Las Vegas, NV 10/22-10/23/15
ISSA 2015 Show ISSA No Las Vegas, NV 10/21-10/23/15
NALFA Inspector Cert. National Amer. Laminate Floor Assn. (NALFA) Yes Las Vegas, NV 10/6/2015
Green Clean School Leadership Summit ISSA Yes Seattle, WA 7/31/2015
Realities 360- AR/VR Learning Guild Yes San Jose, CA 06/010/15
Resilient/LVT Inspection Course Inspector Training Services Yes Dalton, GA 6/1/2015
International Restoration Expo 2015 RIA-Reforestation Industry Assn. No Las Vegas, NV 05/06-05/08/15
Hard Rock Boot Camp Stone Pro No Santa Ana, CA 03/16-03/17/15
Hands-On Carpet Repair Workshop Cosca Group Education Yes Seattle, WA 3/13/2015
ISSA 2014 Show ISSA No Orlando, FL 11/4-11/7/14
ISSA/Interclean Intl. 2014 ISSA No Amsterdam, Holland 05/01-05/09/14
Inspector Symposium NWFA Yes Nashville, TN 04/16-04/19/14
Training Expo 2014 Training Mag Yes San Diego, CA 1/31-2/2/14
Moisture Testing Workshop NWFA Yes Las Vegas, NV 1/31/2014
Ceramic Tile Inspector Floor Inspectors Edu. Guild Yes Charlotte, NC 01/26-01/27/14
ISSA/Interclean 2013 ISSA No Las Vegas, NV 11/18-11/22/13
IICRC Instructors Symposium 2013 IICRC Yes Vancouver, WA 10/17-10/18/13
Training Expo 2013 Training Mag Yes Orlando, FL 02/17-02/21/13
Concrete - Moisture Sealing WOC Yes Las Vegas, NV 02/05-02/08/13
IICRC Certification Board IICRC Yes Portland, OR 10/19/2012
ISSA/Interclean 2012 ISSA No Chicago, IL 10/16-10/19/12
Engineered Wood Flooring Workshop NWFA - NC State University Yes Raleigh, NC 05/31-06/01/12
Organizational Skills National Seminars Yes Everett, WA 5/29/2012
ISSA-Clean Trust IICRC Yes Chicago, IL 5/14/2012
IICRC Cert Council 2012 IICRC Yes Vancouver, WA 4/22/2012
Understanding Bamboo NWFA Yes Orlando, FL 4/12/2012
Inspector Symposium Wood Finishes NWFA Yes Orlando, FL 4/12/2012
Strand Bamboo Workshop NWFA Yes Las Vegas, NV 1/27/2012
IICRC Instructor Symposium 2011 IICRC Yes Vancouver, WA 10/12-10/15/11
Concrete Polish SASE Company No Kent, WA 10/29/2010
IICRC Cert Council 2010 IICRC Yes Vancouver, WA 4/7/2010
Training 2010 Training Magazine Yes San Diego, CA 01/30-02/02/10
Engineered Wood Products APA-Engineer Wood Assn. Yes 12/30/2009
IICRC Instructor's Symposium 2009 IICRC Yes Vancouver, WA 10/15-10/19/09
IICRC Cert Council 2008 IICRC Yes Clearwater, FL 10/11-10/13/08
IICRC Cert Council 2008 IICRC Yes Vancouver, WA 4/12/2008
Engineer Stone & Surface Show Surfaces Yes Las Vegas, NV 2/22/2008
IICRC Carpet Standards Committee Meeting IICRC Yes Vancouver, WA
IICRC Cert Council 2007 IICRC Yes Clearwater, FL 6/15/2007
IICRC Cert Council 2006 IICRC Yes Las Vegas, NV 5/6/2007
Bona Inspection School Bona Yes Denver, CO 9/24/2006
Advanced Wood Inspector Course Inspector Training Services Yes Wash, D.C. 08/30-08/31/06
Wood Flooring Trouble Shooting WFMA Yes Las Vegas, NV 08/07-08/11/06
NWFA Provisional Wood Flooring Inspector NWFA Yes Chesterfield, MO 1/31/2006
IICRC Instructors Symposium 2006 IICRC Yes ? 6/28/1905
IICRC Cert Council 2005 IICRC Yes Portland, OR 11/7-/11-11/05
IICRC Cert Council 2005 IICRC Yes Orlando, FL 10/22/2005
IICRC Cert Council 2004 IICRC Yes Las Vegas, NV 4/15/2005
Ceramic Tile Inspection CTEF Yes Pendleton, SC 11/7/2004
Online Learning Expo 2004 Online Learning Yes San Francisco, CA 10/11-10/13/04
Ceramic Tile Inspector Seminar NICFI Yes Greensville, NC 07/19-07/23/04
IICRC Cert Council 2004 IICRC Yes Portland, OR 6/26-6/27/04
Inspector Certification Wood, Laminate, Carpet Shaw Inspections Yes Seattle, WA 03/20-03/21/04
Installation School for Carpet, Wood, Laminate Mohawk University Yes Calhoun, GA 2004
Hardwood Inspector Advanced Flooring Specialist Yes Anaheim, CA 2004
IICRC Cert Council EBD Meeting IICRC Yes Las Vegas, NV 11/3-11/7/03
Successful Solar Business Home Power Magazine No Ashland, OR 10/05-10/07/03
IICRC Instructors Symposium 2003 IICRC Yes Las Vegas, NV 10/3-10/4/03
L&N Inspection L&N Yes Las Vegas, NV 02/21-02/23/03
Online Learning Expo 2002 Online Learning Yes Anaheim, CA 09/23-09/25/02
L&N Inspection IICRC Yes Las Vegas, NV 02/03-/2/05/02
Rug Inspector Symposium Advanced Flooring Specialist Yes Dalton, GA 02/02-02/05/02
IICRC Cert Board 2001 IICRC Yes Portland, OR 2002
Laminate Flooring Cover Installer Pergo Yes Las Vegas, NV 10/14/2001
Installation for Inspector Carpet NICFI Yes Dalton, GA 10/03-10/05/01
FCT/ATF IICRC Yes Las Vegas, NV 1/27/1/28/01
FCT by Sean Hurin Academy of Textiles & Flooring Yes Las Vegas, NV 1999-2001
Advanced Vinyl Laminate Mannington Yes Salem, NJ 01/22-01/23/00
Advanced Vinyl Laminate Mannington Yes Salem, NJ 3/16-3/17/98
Hard Surface Flooring Inspection Mannington Yes Salem, NJ 1997

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