Wm R. Griffin, Reference
Legal: Expert Witness

Expert Witness:

1. Schultz vs Blue chip Casino
Lloyd Mullen
Mullen & Assoc. P.C.
Crown Point, IN
Reviewed depositions & documents & provided report re: Slip & Fall case.

2. Kight vs Janitorial Mgmt Services
Larry J. Nelke
Tichenor & Dziuba, LLP
Slip & Fall case -

3. Duvey vs. Shane Inc.
Peter Bown, Esq.
Pence & Dawson LLP
Seattle, WA.
Reviewed case and documents, gave deposition and testified at trial. Case dealt with industry practices regarding wet floor warning notice when cleaning carpets.

4. Rains vs. Jani-King International
Don Bartelson
David G. Cabrales, Esq.
Locke Liddell & Sapp
Reviewed Rains vs. Jani-King Documents, rendered and opinion and wrote report of findings.

5. Technical Advisory Service (TASA)
Trevor Leitch
Blue Bell, PA
Numerous referrals to attorneys regarding slip & fall, carpet cleaning and installation, and other cleaning maintenance and small business related issues.

6. Lee Smart Cook Martin & Patterson
Philip B. Grennan, Attorney at Law
Seattle, WA
Document, review and deposition regarding proper cleaning and safety in a slip and fall procedure case in a Health Care Facility.

7. Richard McKinney
Richard McKinney, Attorney at Law
Seattle, WA 98101
Slip and Fall case & cleaning safety of stairway and management duties regarding safety and cleaning in an educational facility.

8. Magnuson v. G & G Cleaning Service
Mark Wittman
Redmond, WA
Inspected carpet damaged by cleaning service. Gave testimony at arbitration hearing.

9. Robert E. Johnson, Jr. v. Hampton Inns, Inc., et al &
Jeffrey R. Nickerson, Attorney at Law
Atlanta, GA
Filed affidavit & phone consultation

10. Finkles McCoy vs Golla, Red Carpet
Michael Kolker, Esq.
Kolker & Ramamurti
Seattle, WA
Reviewed documents, gave deposition regarding industry practices and negligent hiring issues.
Case settled out of court.

11. Morgan, Cameron & Weaver, PC
Robert Cameron, Esq.
Bozeman, MT
Reviewed documents and gave advice in slip and fall case in shopping center.

12. Ehrlard v. Garrison E. Deal, et al
Andrew Weisbecker, Esq.
Kargianis Watkins Marler, LLPPS
Seattle, WA
Consultation and document review re: slip & fall case, ice on stairs of apartment bldg.

13. Fisher v. Western Montana Sport Center
Dennis Lind, Esq.
Datsopoulus, McDonald, Lind P.S.
Tasa Referal
Deposition re: slip & fall in shower area of health club. Case settled out of court.

14. Citation Insurance v. Action Maintenance
Malek & Malek
Joe Neurenburg, Esq.
San Francisco, CA
Consultation re: slip & fall lawsuit. Case settled out of court.

15. Jeans v. Alderwood Mall
Lee Wright, Esq.
Lee, Smart, Cook, Martin & Patterson, P.S., Inc.
Seattle, WA
Consultation and deposition re: slip & fall lawsuit at shopping center. Case settled out of court.

16. Floyd P Flueger & Ringer P.S.
Thomas Stone, Attorney
Seattle, WA

17. Alliance vs Wright Case
Laminate flooring failure in 100 + unit Apartment Complex, Kirkland, WA. Inspector, Consultant, Expert Witness services provided