Certified Inspector/Corrector: Carpet, Hard, Resilient, Wood, Laminate & Stone, Clay/Ceramic

Wm R. Griffin, Reference
Certified Inspector/Corrector: Carpet, Hard, Resilient, Wood, Laminate & Stone, Clay/Ceramic

1. D.A. Burns, Inc. - Floor Inspection

2. iCork Floor - Cork Floor Inspection
Kent, WA

3. Shaw Industries, Inc.
Dalton, GA

4. Mohawk Industries
Calhoun, GA

5. COIT Services, Inc.
Woodinville, WA

6. Home Depot
Puyallup, WA

7. Lowes
Issaquah, WA

8. Maslund Carpets & Rugs
Saraland, AL

9. Beaulieu Residential Claims
Dalton, GA

10. Cleaner Referral Service
Vancouver, WA

11. Dixie Home Claims
Adairsville, GA

12. Dream Weaver
Dalton, GA

13. Farmer's Insurance Company
Seattle, WA

14. Harmonics Flooring
Oroville, CA

15. Healthier Choice Flooring
Dalton, GA

16. Home Legends
Adairville, GA

17. K. Donovick Designs
Seattle, WA

18. Kraus Floors
Clarion, PA

19. Marquis Industries
Chatsworth, GA

20. Montage Furniture Services
Grand Rapids, MI

21. Metropolitan Bldg. Maintenance
Seattle, WA

22. Park Point Condos
Seattle, WA

23. Red Lion Inn & Suites
Federal Way, WA

24. Summit Interiors
Lynnwood, WA

25. Teragren Bamboo Flooring
Bainbridge Island, WA

26. Viking Pacific
Lacey, WA

27. Vulcan
Seattle, WA

28. Washington Adjusting Group, LLC
Renton, WA

29. Well Made Bamboo Flooring
Wilsonville, OR

Note: Wm R. Griffin is a certified senior inspector with over ten years experience. He is certified by the IICRC #00358, ATF #0056, and is a Perstorp and Pichering Certified Laminate Inspector & Installer. He has also completed courses conducted by FCITS, CFI, Mannington and FCSA. Additional references are available upon request.

For further information or service, contact Wm R. Griffin at:
Certified Inspection Services, Inc.*

PO Box 98757 Seattle, WA 98111
Ph: 206-824-4434 Fax: 206-824-4554
Email: bg1@ccsml.com
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