Health Care Facilities

Wm R. Griffin, Reference
Consultations and Audits

Evergreen Hospital Medical Center 1996-1998
Karen Donnelly, Director Environmental Services
Kirkland, WA
(425) 899-1778
Duties: Conduct custodial audit, recommend and implement process improvement program. Conduct OJT & Class Room training for staff.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center 1987
Seattle, WA
Guy Ott, Facilities Manager
Lou Johnen, Engineering & Custodial Manager
(206) 467-4245
Duties: Evaluate cleaning needs, rewrite specifications and contract document, put 250,000 sq. ft. in eight buildings out to bid. Evaluate responses, negotiate new contract and assist in smooth transition and train new contract administrator for environmental services.

Pacific Medical Center 1984 (Out of Business)
Seattle, WA
Don Tarbutton, Assoc. Adm. Facility Services
(206) 326-4000 Ext. 4010
Position: Consultant, 1 yr. Asst. Dir. of Environmental Services, 1 yr
Duties: Reorganize housekeeping department, develop and implement management controls and training programs for production staff and supervision.
Duration: Two Years
Note: Worked with Dick Coultier who is now at Seattle Central Community College as the Food Service Director (206) 344-4393

Children's Orthopedic Hospital
Seattle, WA
Rex Bricka, Director of Housekeeping
Position: Consultant
Duties: Evaluate training needs for Housekeeping Department, develop training materials and program, conduct training classes and hands-on exercises for a one-year period under direction of Director of Housekeeping. Provide specialized training regarding carpet cleaning.
Duration: One year, 1980

University of Washington Hospital 1980
Seattle, WA
John Irvin, Director of Safety & Sanitation
Position: Director of Housekeeping
Duties: Direct Environmental Services Department

Executive Housekeeping Today
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1001 Eastwind Drive, Suite 301
Westerville, OH 43081-3361
ph: 614-895-7166 800-200-6342
fax: 614-895-1248

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