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Wm R. Griffin, President

Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc.

Custodial Training Programs & Departmental Reorganization

King County Facility Services Division
Robin Bishop, Manager
500 4th Ave, Room 320
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: (206) 296-0659
Duties: Conduct Custodial Audit & Implement Process Improvement Program.
Conduct Class Room and OJT training for custodial servicing jail areas, court rooms, offices. 3 Bldgs 1.5 Million sq. ft. 30 employees

King County Correctional Facility/Regional Justice Center
Fred Williams, Custodial Services Manager
401 Fourth Ave. North
Kent, WA 98032
Phone: (206) 205-8839
Duties: Assist in building start up and staffing plan using team cleaning conception.

American Building Maintenance Co.
San Francisco, CA
Position: National Training Director
Duties: Write, develop, produce and implement training programs for production, supervisory and management personnel. 22,000 employees, 140 offices, $380 million in sales. Assist with various projects: Marketing, Team Cleaning, Bldg. Start Up, Trouble Shooting and Problem Solving.

  1. Seattle - Jack Smith, Regional Manager
    206) 325-8800
  2. San Francisco - Bill Steele, President, CEO
    206) 885-9414
  3. San Francisco - Bill Banner, Vice President
    (415) 864-5000
  4. New York - Ralph Davis, Vice President and Regional Manager
    (206) 467-8787

Pacific Medical Center
Seattle, WA
Don Tarbutton, Assoc. Adm. Facility Services
(206) 326-4000 Ext. 4010
Position: Consultant, 1 yr. Asst. Dir. of Environmental Services, 1 yr
Duties: Reorganize housekeeping department, develop and implement management controls and training programs for production staff and supervision.
Duration: Two Years

Port of Seattle - SeaTac Airport
Marty Rose, Purchasing Manager
(206) 728-3246
Duties: Write specifications for cleaning 2.5 million sq. ft. airport, $3.6 million budget, and put out to bid.

Evergreen Hospital Medical Center
Karen Donnelly, Director Environmental Services
Kirkland, WA
(425) 899-1778
Duties: Conduct custodial audit, recommend and implement process improvement program. Conduct OJT & Class Room training for staff.

Port of Seattle
Seattle, WA
Charles Huey, Manager, General Services
Position: Consultant
Duties: Reorganize custodial services department and train staff.
Duration: Four months

Renton Voc-Tech Institute
Renton, WA
Martin Douthit, Instructor
(206) 235-2470
Position: Consultant
Duties: Set up custodial training programs and provide materials and expertise for ongoing custodial training programs in the Seattle and King County area.
Duration: Three years

South Seattle Community College
Seattle, WA
Dave Wilson, Dean
(206) 764-7949
Position: Instructor/Consultant
Duties: Set up and operate a custodial training program. Also develop and teach classes on food service, pest control, and minor carpentry, plumbing and electrical work. Perform Custodial Audits of the campus cleaning needs.

Mercer Island School District
Mercer Island, WA
Dick Anderson, Operations Manager
Tom Rodenburgh, Custodial Manager
Position: Consultant
Duties: Reorganize custodial staff.
Duration: 1 year

Franklin School District
Connell, WA
Dave Curry, Business Manager
Position: Consultant
Duties: Reorganize custodial department.
Duration: One year

University of Washington Hospital
Seattle, WA
John Irvin, Director of Safety & Sanitation
Position: Director of Housekeeping
Duties: Direct Environmental Services Department

Unico Properties, Inc.
Seattle, WA
David Cortelyou
(206) 628-5080
Position: Consultant
Duties: Develop contract cleaning specifications and request for proposal package, assist in contractor bid evaluation, selection and negotiation. Guide and monitor transition from in-house cleaning to contracted services, implement management controls to monitor service contractors and assure contract compliance.
Duration: Six months

Children's Orthopedic Hospital
Seattle, WA
Rex Bricka, Director of Housekeeping
Position: Consultant
Duties: Evaluate training needs for Housekeeping Department, develop training materials and program, conduct training classes and hands-on exercises for a one-year period under direction of Director of Housekeeping. Provide specialized training regarding carpet cleaning.
Duration: One year

Superior Building Services
Seattle, WA
J.D. McDonald, Manager
Position: Consultant
Duties: Assist in preparing bid package on 250,000 sq. ft. in four buildings and presenting proposal to customer. Contract was awarded. Assist in organizing and setting up the account, then train Manager, Supervisor, and Staff. Compile necessary documentation for smooth operation.

Microsoft Corporation
Redmond, WA
Carl Bates, Facilities Manager
Vicki Wright, Assistant Manager
Position: Consultant
Duties: Assist in contract negotiations, then complete a study of cleaning needs, with recommendation for 150,000 sq. ft. warehouse and manufacturing plant.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Seattle, WA
Guy Ott, Facilities Manager
Lou Johnen, Engineering & Custodial Manager
(206) 467-4245
Duties: Evaluate cleaning needs, rewrite specifications and contract document, put 250,000 sq. ft. in eight buildings out to bid. Evaluate responses, negotiate new contract and assist in smooth transition and train new contract administrator for environmental services.

Crista Ministries
Seattle, WA
Position: Management Consultant

West Valley School District #208
Attn: Norman Koenig, Business Manager
Position: Consultant
Duties: Evaluate Custodial Function in 15 buildings on 8 campuses, approximately 300,000 square feet total. Recommend ways to improve cleanliness, safety, and appearance. Suggest organizational structure and management control program to obtain desired results.

Property Management Northwest
Gary Lewis, Owner
Redmond, WA
75,000 square feet medical clinic.
Duties: Write contract and specifications, put out to bid.

GTE, Lynnwood, WA
Lynn Gregory, Area Supervisor
Duties: Provide custodial audit and recommendations for improvement.

Renton School District, Renton, WA
Joe Lamborn, Facilities Service Manager
Ray Vogel, Custodial Service Manager
Phone: (425) 204-4406
Duties: Conduct Supervisory & Custodial Seminars. Co-write Procedures Guide for the District.

Seattle City Light, City of Seattle
Laurie Russell, Custodial Manager
Phone: (206) 684-3613
Duties: Write contract and specifications, put building out to bid.

Seattle Center & Opera House, City of Seattle
Walter Haymen, Crew Chief
Phone: (206) 684-7112
Duties: Conduct needs assessment, aide departmental re-organization,
develop and conduct employee training program and write the manual.

The Boeing Company, Seattle WA
Marsha Suprenant
Phone: (206) 657-9354
Duties: Develop and implement Process Improvement Program on a corporate-wide basis. Develop training materials, videos and programs for five Puget Sound sites under direction of Marsha Suprenant and the process improvement committee.

Auburn Fabrication Center
Helmet Andrus
Phone: (206) 851-3154

Boeing Computer Center
John Martin, Supervisor
Phone: (206) 865-5481

Aerospace and Defense Training
Gary Sievertson, Manager
Phone: (206) 773-9477
Duties: Assist in development of the custodial training manuals and videos for use at all Puget Sound sites.

Metropolitan Building Services Company, Seattle, WA
Jim Ragsdale, Vice President
Phone: (206) 632-5332
Duties: Various consulting projects.

Port of Seattle, Marine Maintenance Division
Mike McLaughlin
Seattle, WA
Phone: (206) 728-3453
Duties: Assist in Custodial Start up for sites going in-house from contracted labor at Fisherman's Terminal and Shilshole Bay Marina

Seattle Central Community College
James Alexander, Operations Director
Seattle, WA 98134
Phone: (206) 587-3804
Duties: Develop and present custodial training for employees.

City of Olympia
Dan Daniels or Al Bauer
Phone: (360) 753-8266
Duties: Develop cleaning specifications and contract for city bldgs. & put out to bid.

American Building Maintenance Company
Dick Daniels, Branch Manager
Seattle, WA
Phone: (206) 325-8800
Duties: Conduct various consulting projects.

General Services Administration
Pearl E. Eggerud, Property Manager
Auburn, WA
Phone: (253) 931-7547
Duties: Conduct cleaning costs study of private & public buildings. 300,000 sq. ft. in Seattle, Tacoma & Everett areas.

Kallispel School District
Gary Rose, Facilities Manager
Kalispell, MT
Duties: Custodial audit and report.

NISH-West Region
David Dubinski, Executive Director
Pleasanton, CA
Phone: (510) 417-6880

  1. Assist in developing a custodial reduction and staffing plan for Oakland
    Federal Courthouse. (Reduced costs by $600,000 per year. Negotiated with GSA officials.)
  2. Assist with bid on 1.2 million sq. ft. IRS office in Fresno, CA.
  3. Assist with reorganization of cleaning program at Luke Airforce base, Phoenix, AZ.

Trans America Consultants
Charles Adam, President
Seattle, WA 98178
Duties: Provide consultation on construction clean-up at Nordstrom building. Document review, property tour and several meetings.

Skookum Services
Jim Westall, president
Phone: 1-800-255-9526 ext. 108
Bremerton, WA
Duties: Assist with bid on Mariners stadium cleaning program.


Title # of Pages
Comprehensive Custodial Training Manual 620
Instructor's Guide 580
Supervisor's Guide to Successful Training 220
How to Start and Operate a Successful Service Business 320
How to Sell and Price Contract Cleaning (co-author) 900
Food Service: Health, Sanitation & Safety (co-author) 315
Complete Custodial Handbook 450

Articles Over 100 articles for various publications

Title Publication
Cleaning Professionals Need Certification Too Maintenance Supplies
Cleaning Up In A Dirty World Entrepreneur
The Future of The Industry Services
Cleaning Business Opportunities Asia Magazine
Self-Cleaning Surfaces Becoming a Reality Executive Housekeeping
How to Control Chemical Costs Cleanfax
Cleaning the Stratosphere American Window Cleaner

Video Tapes:

How To Get What You Want From Your Life 60 min.

Adminstering Cleaning Service Contracts 60 min.

Employee Training - The How & Why 60 min.

Operating & Managing A Custodial Business 120 min.

How To Find & Keep Qualified Employees 60 min.

Eight Video and Workbook series for Boeing Co., 1996

Association Memberships:

BOMA Building Owners & Managers Association
Seattle, WA
Bud Kaufman, Executive Director
(206) 823-0753
Member: Education Committee

ISSA International Sanitary Supply Association
Chicago, IL
John Garfinkle, Executive Director

Assoc. of Specialists in Cleaning & Restoration
Carpet Cleaners Institute of the Northwest
Portland, OR

BSCAI Building Service Contractors Association
Fairfax, VA
Don Tepper, Director

IICRC Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification
Vancouver, WA
Kenway Meade, Director
(360) 693-5675

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