Article: The Way I See It (Nov. 2001)

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Ron Toney, Spotting Magician makes spots disappear at the Windsor Booth.
John Schauff, Bioaugmentation Manager for Spartan Chemical Proudly shows off the companies new Eco-Lyzer line of products.
International guest enjoy the ISSA evening events
Bill Robertson, CEO of Renz e-z demonstrates how to apply his window and siding cleaner.
Keith Ciminski, Vice President of Flex-Sweep explains how his dust bucket and handle attachment can save cleaners time and money.
John Downey IV, President and His Brother, Steamin Demon inventor Mike Downey proudly pose with their Steamin Demon Portable carpet extractor.
Dan Hannum, National Sales Manager for MotorScrubber and Don Hess, With Bond Sanitary Supply demonstrate the long reach of the battery powered MotorScrubber.
DaiMotion, a new way to apply floor finish and damp mop floors, by KaiVac, Inc.
A powdered absorbent asphalt, concrete and side walk cleaner, by Joamaca Chemical Co.
Bill Clinton poses for a photo and that's not Hillary.
HydoTech Hard Surface Cleaning System for tile, vct, matting, concrete, pool decks and other irregular surfaces.
Students remove mold contaminated wallboard in containment mock up at mold remediation seminar.
Instructor Byron Ware makes a point as students prepare containment wall for remediation mock up at mold remediation seminar.