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Cleaning Consulant Services, Inc., in order to better serve our clients, has seperated our services and products into four different websites.

If you are looking for information on our services, including; seminars, consulting, inspections and professional audits, this information is on this site

If you are interested in our products, including; books, videos, professional reports and software you can either hit one of the "Catalog - Training Materials" buttons on this site or go to

If you are interested in our Magazine, Cleaning Business, this is published at

If you are interested in seeing our links or going to sites we recomend then you want to check out

All the sites listed above are linked together in several different way. For example, if you click on the "hot links" button on this page it will take you to Don't worry about getting lost, if you want to go check out one of these other sites, because there are links there that will bring you back to this site.

If you find any of this confusing or have a suggestion on how to improve our sites please contact us by clicking on the "Talk to Us" link below.

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