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Pulire 2011 - The New and the Old of Cleaning
Bill Griffin wraps up his time at the Pulire Trade show in Verona Itally
Originally Published by:
Cleaning Business Magazine
May 2011

Pulire 2011 - Day 2 Technology Coming to a Janitor Closet Near You
Certainly not today, but it only a matter of time before the items I'm highlighting here make it to your local distributor and finally to your cleaning closet.
Originally Published by:
Cleaning Business Magazine
May 2011

Pulire 2011 - What's New in The World of Cleaning
Officially the show is known as Pulire 2011 - The International Exhibition for the Production of Cleaning Technologies, unofficially I call it the Floor Care Equipment Show
Originally Published by:
Cleaning Business Magazine
May 2011

Training: Overlooked And Undervalued
If there is any one area of management that is often overlooked and undervalued, it has to be employee training. As a supervisor, manager or owner, you don't have many options other than training to get employees to do the job correctly or to improve the quality and production of tasks that are assigned
Originally Published by:
Cleaning, Maintenance and Management
February 2011

On the road with Wm R. Griffin
Las Vegas, where what happens here, stays here - unless you are at the World of Concrete (WOC) show where you gather up and take with you all the latest information and samples related to concrete, one of the most widely used materials on earth.
Originally Published by:
Cleaning, Maintenance and Management
January 2011

Raising the Bar with Science, Training and Upward Mobility
The cleaning industry is going from seat of the pants to science.
Why we clean, what we use and how we do the work is evolving on a daily basis.
As these changes occur, the need for training, certification and standards becomes more important to workers, supervisors, managers and building owners.
Originally Published by:
Cleaning, Maintenance and Management
January 2010

Technology Revolutionizes the Cleaning Process "Cleaning for Health" is the New Mantra
Over the last 50 years, changing technology has impacted almost every aspect of our personal lives. The microwave, cell phone, fax, VCR, Walkman, color TV and CDs are just some of the most common examples that come to mind.

At the same time, the cleaning industry has pretty much stood still, we still use corn brooms, string mops, and brushes for many of our daily cleaning tasks. Certainly some things have changes, we now have synthetic detergents, high-speed floor machines and polymer floor finishes to help us in our work.
Originally Published by:
Distribution Sales and Management Magazine
May 2003

Bill Griffin's Crystal Balls-- Cleaning Trends in the USA 2001
2000 has been a great year. The economy was good, the weather was mild and I'm still alive. So I can't complain too much and I think that's the attitude of most Americans as we enter the Holiday Season and look forward to the New Year. I'll go over some aspects of business in the USA during 2000 and review why, most American's think it's been a pretty good year......
Originally published by
Inclean Magazine (Australia)
February 2001

Floor Care is Hot in 2001
Everywhere you look there are $100 bills on the floor. Seriously, I don't think the opportunity to make money selling the chemicals, supplies and equipment used for hard and resilient floor care has ever been better than it is today. Hard and resilient floors.....
Originally Published by
Maintenance Supply
March 2001

Maintaining Swimming Pools, Spas, Whirlpool Tubs and Saunas
In today's customer driven market place, swimming pools, spas and whirlpools baths are becoming common amenities in hotels, motels, apartment buildings, condominiums, private clubs, schools, and health care facilities. The National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) estimates that there are over 9 million commercial facilities in the U.S. that have pools......
Originally Published by
Executive Housekeeping
February 2001

Selling to the Hospitality Industry in 2001
According the American Hotel & Motel Association, the hospitality industry has continued to grow in both total sales and total profit over the last year. 1999 surpassed 1998 with the industry grossing $22.0 billion in pretax profits on sales of $99.7 billion. That's an increase of approximately 5.8 % over 1998, nearly double
Originally Published by
Distribution, Sales & Maintenance
February 2001

Cleaning Windows in Washington, DC
This year's convention is in the Nation's Capital, Washington, DC. If you've never been to Washington, DC, the IWCA Convention provides a great opportunity to mix business with pleasure. Washington DC is a place of history, power and diversity. There is an almost endless list of places to visit, many of which are free. You can start at the Mint where the money is made.....
Originally Published by
American Window Cleaner
January 2001

Laminate Floor Maintenance
Laminate flooring came on the market in Europe in the early 1980's and began to migrate to the U. S markets in the mid 1990's. According to the manufacturers little to no maintenance is needed for these floors. In this report, William R. Griffin gives the real story about maintaining laminate floors and gives sources for where to find more information.
Originally presented to a symposium of Floor Covering Installers
July 2001

Floor Care Article List
A list of Articles that William R. Griffin has written on the topic of Hard Floor Care.

Living Through Life Safely (PDF)
For the most part, safety in the workplace is getting better each year with fewer workers killed on the job then ever before. Wm R. Griffin Discusses dangers on the job and in life.

Greening Your Restaurant (PDF - 50kb)
Mr. Griffin explains what is meant by "Green" and ways to help you make you restaurant more "Green."

Team Cleaning - Keeping Hospitality Healthy (PDF - 43kb)
Allen P. Rathey, President
IntructionLink/JanTrain, Inc.

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